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Whiteboard Cast
Whiteboard Cast is Android app for creating whiteboard based screencast. All you need is Android device, no PC is necessary. The result becomes standard webm video file, neither app specific service nor app specific format are necessary. Whiteboard based screencast, like those featured in the Khan Academy, grow popular for educational scene these days. For that purpose, Android tablet is good device candidate because it easy to use, some of them are cheap, and built-in touch and mic support.

Whiteboard Cast has designed for achieving this task. None IT specialist or even children can easily use Whiteboard Cast app.

Quote from Google Play:
Create whiteboard based screencast using your Android tablet or phone!

Whiteboard cast is a whiteboard based screencast maker. All you need is just writing anything to canvas and speak to mic, then it will become screencast video and stored locally in you device. You can share it to YouTube, google+, or other service if you want. Or just store locally and use it for internal purpose. It's up to you!

The result becomes standard webm video file, no app specific service, no app specific own format. You can create standard video file only by this Whiteboard Cast. Final result is stored under <sdcardpath>/WhiteBoardCast folder.

Google Play link: Whiteboard Cast